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Since 1892 DeMoulin has been a premier manufacturer of CUSTOM MADE uniform products for musical performing ensembles around the world. We produce from the finest fabrics, specifically developed to meet the demands of today’s marching and concert bands. We recognize the flexible performing standards needed for MARCHING ATHLETES and have sourced the most compatible fabrics and raw materials available. We offer 11.5oz gaberdine polyesters in all school colors, including many special shades for high impact, and with all of the athletic properties.  In recent years we created a sustainable 14oz polyester , REJUVITEX , made from recycled plastics to present a totally new performance fabric with a whipcord finish for durability. In addition, all Dacron-wool and 100% woolens are stored in the industry’s largest uniform inventory at DeMoulin.  See our uniform categories to view the many custom made designs available, plus YOUR ability to create your own unique look!

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