Vivace by DeMoulin

DeMoulin Cooling Towel



Cool off with a DeMoulin Cooling Towel. Made especially for those days when practicing in the heat is just a little too much.

To use:

  • Completely wet towel with cool water
  • Gently wring out excess water
  • Place textured side around neck

During use:

  • Ensure towel remains wet
  • When towel stops cooling or begins to dry out, completely re-wet towel with cool water

Towel – 8” x 28”

Bag – 6.5” x 6.25”

This product is stocked in one of our warehouses and will be shipped out within 1-3 business days.  Orders are processed and shipped out on weekdays (Monday - Friday).  If you have a deadline due to a performance or event, we recommend you call to verify stock levels and availability prior to placing your order.

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