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Most environmentally friendly rifle ever! Spin with confidence! 3 years in the making! Engineers have taken a traditional rifle shape and transformed it into a perfectly weighted and balanced piece of equipment. Why buy 2 - 3 rifles per season? The X-FACTOR rifle is the most advanced, virtually indestructible and environmentally responsible rifle on the market. Easy to adjust the weight to your personal preference without changing the balance point of your rifle. Rifle weights come in 7 different increments so you can work your way up slowly or go to the specific weight of your choice. Simply add our adjustable weights that are hidden inside your rifle. X-FACTOR is so unique you can even purchase the 36" Lite version at 1.75 lbs and teach your youngest members easier and faster. As your student learns you can add weights gradually all the way up to 2.25 lbs. Made from a molded PolyethylenePolymer allowing the
X-FACTOR rifle to
be virtually unbreakable.100% Recyclable,even the Leather Strap. This Rifle will truly change everything you know about riflesfrom consistent spin, no taping, easycleaning and no replacing.Every X-FACTOR rifle is free from defects,identical in shape, size and weight. The first Rifle to have the StylePlus weight system.

Comes in 36" or 39" with or without a strap.

- White - IN STOCK
36" Lite w/o strap-Style XFACT36LW/O $48.99
36" Lite w/strap-Style XFACT36L $50.99
36" Standard w/strap-Style XFACT36S $50.99
36" Standard w/o strap-Style XFACT36SW/O $48.99
39" Standard w/ strap-Style XFACT39S $54.49
39" Standard w/o strap-Style XFACT36SW/O $50.99


X-Factor Weight System:
.08 lbs.......$.99   .15 lbs.....$1.30    .23 lbs.....$2.15    .30 lbs.....$3.45
.38 lbs.....$4.85   .45 lbs.....$5.95   .53 lbs.....$6.50

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