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Flag Pole Weight Anchor Kit


Flag Pole Weight Set

The all-new Flag Pole Weight Anchors from DSI are designed to lock your carriage bolts securely inside your flag pole so they don’t fly out when you spin and don’t clank against the inside of the pole when you catch the flag.

The Flag Pole Weight Anchors are made of brass with a rubber o-ring and hold a 7/16" carriage bolt. To adjust the weight of your flag pole simply unscrew the old carriage bolt then screw in a different length bolt. You no longer need to tape your bolts!

Style # PACBAK Kit    $13.49 per set
        25 or more $13.49 per set   (CALL to order 25 or more)

Set includes:  2 - Weight Anchors and 4 - Bolts
                                       (one of each size)
Anchor weighs 0.70 oz. / 1.4 oz. per pair
Bolt Weights: 1.5" length- 2.6 ounces   /   2" length- 3.1 ounces
                        3" length-4.1 ounces   /   4" length-5.1 ounces

Weight Anchors and Bolts sold separately.


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