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Aussie Hat


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Textured, plastic material with felt-like apperarance is easy to clean and durable. Comfortable, pressure-sensitive foam innerband provides better fit. Each hat is packaged with a chin cord with lock, an inner band, and your choice of colored band.  (This hat does not come individually boxed)

Style HTAU Sizes S - XL

Comes in WHITE or BLACK

Aussie hat w/nylon band $19.49
Band Colors: black, white, red, pink, green, gold, royal, navy, sky blue, orange, purple, maroon, forest green

Aussie hat w/sequin band $21.99
Sequin Band Colors: forest green, royal, orange, kelly green, maroon, red, white, navy, silver, purple, gold, black

75¢/per hat for silver or gold edge trim (Aussie Hats with trim added cannot be returned).

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