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Assorted Plumes


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Plumes (Custom Made) Black or White Available
We can match any plume. Other colors, styles and sizes available.

A. Flash Fountain
B. Marabou Fountain w/mylar from the top
C. Ostrich Stickup w/mylar
D. French Stickup w/mylar
E. Flash Stickup
F. French Stickup tip dyed
G. Fountain Marabou w/interspersed mylar
H. French Phantom tip dyed
I. French Phantom w/mylar
J. French Phantom
K. Ostrich Phanton w/mylar
L. Ostrich Phanon
M. Twisted Ostrich Cavalier
N. Twisted Ostrich Cavalier, 2-tone
O. DIscontinued
P. Marabou Puff
Q. Marabou Cavalier w/mylar
R. French Cavalier w/mylar
S. Cavalier Flash
T. French Cavalier

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This product is made to order and is NOT returnable.

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