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Nylon Garment Bags

Protect your garments with strong and durable nylon garment bags designed for high school bands and choirs. Band Choir Mart uniform garment bags have been crafted with quality fabric to withstand extreme heat or cold, which guarantees the safety of your music band uniform and shoes. We have nylon garment bags for marching band in a wide array of sizes, colors, and shapes. Besides, our garment bags feature pouches where you can fit your concert/band shoes and other crucial accessories.

Why buy garment bags for band from Band Choir Mart?

Band Choir Mart has many options for nylon garment bags for school bands and choirs. We have made it our priority to satisfy all our clients' needs by providing quality products. In addition, we guarantee the best prices on the market. Found a similar product at a lower price elsewhere? Let us know, and we'll match the price on any of the items we have. We offer a 5% prepay discount for the large orders, i.e., orders on nylon garment bags for one or more whole bands. Our customer service is unparalleled, and our support team is just phone call away eager to help you. Feel free to contact us today.

Could you provide a picture of your variety of nylon garment bags for band?

Our nylon garment bags for band come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Say goodbye to wrinkles on your band/concert garments. With our waterproof nylon garment bags, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your garments won't get wet. Band Choir Mart offers robust nylon uniform garment bags with enough space for the garments and zippered shoe/accessory pouches. We also have aerators with heavy duty iron nylon mesh and shoe/accessory pouches that allow maximum breathability for your garments. If you have some concert swing dresses, grab the swing bags with shoe pouches and enough space to accommodate your garments. Our nylon garments bags are made from quality materials such as polyester with a urethane coating, 200 Denier nylon with a coating, taffeta/polyester fabric, among others. Moreover, the nylon garment bags have a double needle construction which further renders them highly durable. With that, you can be guaranteed they offer high resistance to wear and tear due to intense pressure, heat or cold. Some of our uniform garment bags feature hanger openings at the top and loops at the bottom for easy handling. Get your Band Choir Mart uniform garment bags imprinted with your band, school or church logo to make your band/choir stand out from the crowd.

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