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Gauntlets and Compression Wear for Marching Bands

Gauntlets and compression wear are great for both functionality and good looks. Gauntlets provide a barrier between you and various surfaces. Investing in high quality gauntlets, and compression wear guarantees your safety and comfort. They help to reduce perspiration and prevent blisters, especially for drummers. They are excellent when you need to move your instruments as they prevent bruising and scraping.

Our compression wear applies pressure on your body and improves your comfort all through the performance. The increased pressure and support feels great. The fact that compression clothing is made to fit tightly against your body means that you can perform any moves without worrying about it riding up. Loose clothing may ride up or stretch out of place leaving you uncomfortable and embarrassed. Swat may be a source of discomfort. Our compression wear helps you to avoid the feeling of being sweaty and sticky. It can wick sweat away. The sweat is released into the air leaving you with dry and comfortable skin.

We offer you the highest quality at the lowest price in the market. If you can find a lower price than we offer, we promise to match it. We have over two decades of experience. Our customer care agents are polite, attentive, and always ready to take your orders. We take orders by fax, phone, mail, and email. We are happy to provide you with top quality gauntlets and compression wear whenever you want. Your satisfaction is our biggest objective. If you make a large order, we are pleased to give you a five per cent pre-pay discount.

How do compression garments improve the performance of a and?

Compression clothing applies pressure on your skin. It facilitates the flow of blood around the body. It is especially great for performances that are physically tasking. They hold your muscles firmly and keep you comfortable throughout a performance

Why should I buy compression wear and gauntlets from Band-Mart and Choir-Mart?

We offer you a wide variety to suit your different needs. Our gauntlets and compression wear are of excellent quality, and our prices are fair. We guarantee you the best value for your money. We have plenty of experience in the business.

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