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Color Guard and Dance Wear

Make your performance outstanding by wearing attractive color guard wear and dance wear from Band Choir Mart. Our color guardwear outfits are designed to capture elegance, quality and uniqueness for every performer. The outfits provide attractive features through the wide variety of colors that ensure you capture the audience’ attention every time you step on the field. Besides the outward appearance, our outfits are comfortable because they are made of high quality fabric that is designed to stretch whenever you make different movements. You will never suffer any embarrassment during your performance because this fabric is strong enough to withstand any tear due to tension.

Why Should I Buy Color Guard Wear and Dance Wear from the Band Choir Mart Website?
While the quality and variety of color guard and dance wear is unquestionable, buying from the right suppliers is paramount. So, what makes us different from the rest?

Guaranteed lowest prices in the market- We are among the most affordable product sellers in the costume and color guard accessories. If you are looking for great quality products that are also affordable, then Band Choir Mart is the place to be. We offer great discounts on our outfits to make your dream of having an outstanding performance true. We know that schools and colleges work on limited budgets, and that is why we strive to offer affordable outfits.

Great discounts for purchases- If you are looking to buy many outfits for your school or group performance, then you need to take advantage of our discounts. We offer a 5% discount for any prepaid order that you make. This discount is a bonus for all purchases besides the low prices we already offer for each individual outfit.

Quick response- whether you want to make an inquiry about a product you have viewed on our online store or anything else, we are just a call away. Band Choir Mart offers a 24/7 response service for clients who want some clarity about our products or services, just send us an email.

If it’s on our website, then it’s accessible to you- We have a talented organizing team that ensures every in-stock item displayed on our website is ready for shipping. You can have the item shipped immediately you place the order online. Our shipping costs are also consumer-friendly.  All “custom” items indicate the timing on the website that it takes to have them made.

Guaranteed quality- We strive to deliver the highest quality items by providing exceptional storage and shipping for all our color guard wear. Disappointment that arises when clients receive products that look different from what they ordered is never experienced whenever you purchase an outfit or equipment from Band Choir Mart. We have experts who do the packaging and preparation of goods for transit. This way, our clients can receive their items on time and in the right condition.

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