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Gloves for Marching Band and Color Guards

Designed for comfort. Sized to fit long fingers, short fingers or bare fingers. Priced to meet any budget, Band Choir Mart marching band gloves, choir gloves and color guard gloves present a casual feel in quality craftsmanship. Many of the marching band gloves and choir gloves come in long-wristed as well as the standard fit which adds extra length eliminates gaps between cuffs and wrists. Perfectly suited for marching band and drum majors as well as military and law enforcement. Pick the style that matches the specs of your High School band. Or just put together a style and coloring that adds a special wow factor to your church choir. From cotton to leather and deluxe sure grip to nylon, there is something in the Band Choir Mart marching band gloves collection that makes a perfect match with your current or new band attire and accessories. Look your best and choose a color that complements your band uniforms. Our gloves come in several sizes. Place a bulk order, or just grab a pair for yourself.

What makes Band Choir Mart a better deal on marching band gloves?

In this competitive marketplace buyer’s must be careful not to mistake great pricing as a sign of inferior quality. Here at Band Choir Mart, we guarantee the lowest prices on the market, yet we insist on providing high quality merchandise, including the best in Choir gloves and Marching Band gloves. If you can find a like product with the same quality but for a lower price, we will match the competition.

Do you offer group price breaks?

Bulk orders on all merchandise sold by Band Choir Mart are optionally available for our 5 percent order discount. Call for details. Note: discounts only apply to prepaid orders.

Are marching band gloves the same as church choir gloves?

Our gloves for Marching Band and Color Guards easily fit into any band or choir scenario. It’s just a matter of picking out the right color, style and materials in the price range best suited for your project.

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