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Ties and Pocket Squares for Concerts

Ties and pocket squares for concerts are a necessary part of your performance wardrobe. Concert ties included long ties, banded neck ties, cross-over ties and clip-on ties. Pocket squares add flair as well as class and elegance to your dress ensemble. Band Choir Mart offers a wide and alluring selection of colors, patterns and styles of ties and pocket squares for concerts.

How do I choose a pocket square for concerts?

Concert pocket squares accentuate your appearance. The most important thing to remember when selecting a pocket square is that it does not need to match your tie exactly. Instead, look for colors and patterns that provide visual flair. If you are making a large purchase for your band, think about how pocket squares can define your style. Purchase a wide array of colors and styles to underscore the improvisational individuality of a jazz ensemble. For an orchestra, you may want to go with one color for the entire group or select a specific look for each instrument family. Another idea is to choose a unique color or pattern for all your first chair performers and soloists. Have fun with it and be creative.

Why should I purchase ties and pocket squares for concerts from Band Choir Mart?

In addition to offering a wide selection of ties and pocket squares for concerts, Band Choir Mart provides several benefits that can't be beat. We offer the lowest prices - guaranteed. If you find the same items for sale elsewhere at a lower cost, we will match that price. Are you looking to outfit your entire band? We furnish a 5% discount on pre-paid large orders.

Have questions or need help deciding which ties and pocket squares for concerts will work best for you? Contact us today. We are always available and look forward to helping you choose the ties and pocket squares that will make your ensemble stand out.

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