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Bow Ties for Concerts

It is easy to feel confident in top quality tuxedos with marching band bow ties. Dressing for success is essential. When you look good, you feel adequately prepared to make an impact on your performance. Choosing the best concert bow ties for your school or church choir can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Band Choir Mart has you covered. Our bow tie collection features all hues to meet your needs. We are proud to present a guide to selecting the ideal threads for your baritones, sopranos, tenors, altos, and basses.

Why should I choose Band Choir Mart bow ties?

Various types of bow ties are available for different church and school choir attire. Whether you need thick or thin ties, we have an assortment of designs and sizes that guarantee outstanding results. We offer a pre-tied and self-tied marching band and concert items.

Our thick ties use the extra material in the production phase. Although the additional material may slightly increase manufacturing costs, we guarantee the lowest prices in the entire market. Our marching band and concert ties are made using long lasting materials and offer a strong knot regardless of thickness.

We offer customized colors providing high-quality concert bow ties with enhanced personal touch. Although all our ties are quite adept at avoiding spills and splashes, if it occurs, the ties are stain resistant. We offer a 5% pre-pay discount for any large orders.

Can I sample marching band bow ties prior to purchasing?

We offer samples and something more. You can get many swatches at a small fee to check the fabric and color-match the product to get the best bow ties choice for your church or school marching bands. Every material has a product sample allowing you to purchase what you require.

All our manufacturers are vetted thoroughly for at least six months to guarantee high quality. Alternatively, we provide color palette books that include all shades of every color available. Use the books to pick the ideal shades for your concert bow ties. Our customer service is available and ready to help you. We can assist you to get the best concert ties within your budget.

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