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Concert Formalwear Accessories

Although concerts often gear dress codes around the fashion inspiration of a favored musical artist, professionals are careful to craft a unique combination wherein concert choir or band accessories never clash with the associated formalwear. It’s about standing out without over-tweaking the fashion statement. Formal concert accessories must be selected for comfort, proper fitting, and precision character definitions. Whether putting together church band outfits or one to help you stand out at a world-class college band or choir competition group, we have the perfect accessories for you! Our Band-mart / Choir-mart band and choir accessories are designed to help you customize and complete the character of your concert formalwear.

Can Your Concert Band and Choir Accessories Save Me Money?

When buying to meet the individual needs of a single person, concert formalwear prices don’t tend to vary much from seller to seller. But when buying your band accessories in bulk for large groups, dollar differences mount up quickly. Yet even in the event of individual purchases, we can save you money. Our price promise is simple:

  • We will match pricing with any other professional provider of concert formalwear accessories
  • We up the ante by providing a 5% discount on pre-paid orders
  • We are always available for custom pricing options via phone and letter

How Do I Measure Size and Fit?

A total fitting requires six points of measure:

  • Height
  • Bust or chest
  • Waist
  • Hips or seat
  • Inseam
  • Sleeve

Find detailed information on our concert formalwear measurement page.

What Restrictions Govern the 5% Discount Plan?

Every order is unique, thus packaging and shipping may involve multiple locations and warehouses. So, different delivery days may affect the 5% cash discount. Also, the discount pertains to cash-only sales. This means that you must provide pre-payment via money order or an organization / school check.

The 5% cash discount will not be applied to credit cards and/or purchase orders. Learn more on our concert accessories shipping support page.

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