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There are many important things to consider when shopping for a marching band shoe: comfort, style, durability, and more. Members of marching band cover a lot of ground in their shoes, so it’s extremely important that they are comfortable, supportive, and durable. Before you can buy a marching band shoe, you need to determine what your needs are. Style Plus has shoes to suit a wide array of styles and needs, from knee high boots to minimalist slip on shoes. Different sections of the marching band have different needs and Style Plus has the perfect shoes to meet all of those needs. From band members to majorettes to dancers, Style Plus has a design for everyone.

Questions you may have when looking for a marching band shoe: 

Are they durable?

Style Plus shoes are designed to last. They are made out of quality materials such as leather, rubber, vinyl, and more. Each style is built differently to suit different needs, so no matter how you will be using your shoes, you can know they will hold up.

Do they come in different colors?

Yes! Our shoes come in the most common marching band shoe colors: black, white, and nude. You can also customize colors to match your team by using different colored laces.

Can they be worn in rain and other adverse conditions?

Marching bands often play in every weather condition imaginable. Style Plus shoes are made for all marching band purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Before you decide on your style, think about the type of conditions your band usually plays in.  

Do the shoes have enough traction to reduce slipping on both grass and artificial turf?  

All styles provide soles that offer traction to prevent slipping and to aid in maneuvering through formations. Different styles accomplish this in different ways, but all shoes  provide traction on all surfaces (indoor, grass, turf, pavement, etc.) to prevent slipping.  

Are they comfortable and do they offer support?

Because marching band members spend long hours in their band shoes, it’s important that they provide proper support for the feet. Style Plus shoes are designed to offer maximum comfort and support. Many of our shoes offer removable cushions and arch support. We offer many different styles so you can find the perfect comfort fit.  


With so many styles and designs to choose from, Style Plus has a marching band shoe for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect marching band shoes, look no further. We guarantee the lowest price- if you find a better price somewhere else, we’ll match it, guaranteed. We also offer a 5% pre-pay discount for larger orders, ensuring your whole marching band can get the perfect shoe for the right price. Our customer service team is always available and ready to help; we are only a phone call away. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else- equip your marching band with the perfect shoes today from Style Plus!

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