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Drillmasters Shoes

Drillmaster has been providing shoes specially designed for school band members, choirs, and orchestras for 25 years.  They offer off top quality band shoes that will last for years with heavy use and at prices that can easily fit into a budget.  The Drillmaster marching shoe construction helps to guide wearer’s stride to a smooth roll-step march and enhances precise turns, making them a favorite marching band shoe.

Do They Last?

These band shoes are made from high-grade vinyl designed for easy cleaning, durability to withstand years of marching and water-resistant to keep your feet dry.  The inner lining covers the entire shoe to help keep your feet and the interior of the shoe dry, but also allows your feet to breathe.  This contributes to keeping the interior of the shoe lasting as long as the exterior.  The soles made to last and be super-gripping, but will not leave a black mark on indoor flooring. 

What Is Special About the Heel and Sole Construction?

Drillmaster shoes have a patented rolled heel construction to help guide your foot through each stride and into a “roll-step” for corps style marching.  The heel has a patented pivot circle on the sole designed to promote precise turns and reduce turning torque strain on the foot.  The soles are specially designed with a spat notch to keep the elastic spat strap away from the ground and wear; the notch also helps to keep the spat in place without slipping.  The sole is durable but is super flexible to allow for unrestricted and precise movement. The sole is designed to be non-marking, yet having an excellent grip to provide a steady stance on a variety of surfaces and are non-slip for wet conditions.

What Are the Design Benefits?

One awesome benefit is that they are 100% blister proof from the first time you wear them.  The shoes have a technically designed self-locking eyelet lacing system that will keep your laces tied tight.  The inner lining ensures temperature comfort in hot or cold weather.  This lining also allows your feet to breathe so they can stay dry and comfortable.  The athletic grade arch cushion will provide support and add to your stability while marching. 

The sole construction promotes healthy foot articulation, meaning they help you march your best while taking some of the torque off your foot when you make turns.  These shoes are designed and manufactured for marching with well-thought out details to keep your spat’s in place with less wear and your shoe laces tight and in place.  These band shoes will serve you well for years to come.

Why Drillmaster

Drillmaster produces quality shoes at a price guaranteed to be lower than any competitor.  If you can find them cheaper, they will match the price.  Drillmaster also has a 5% discount option for large orders.  Contact them today to speak to an experienced and friendly sales representative about your band shoe needs.

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