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Podiums for Marching Bands

Selecting the right podiums makes the rehearsals and performances much easier and stress-free for high school bands, school choir and church choir alike. Preparing for a competition, however, is not a ride in the park; therefore, you need a great selection of marching band podiums to lighten your load. At Band Choir Mart, we offer an array of marching band podiums. Moreover, our podiums are available in different colors and come at excellent prices to fit any budget. Safety and Stability At Band Choir Mart, we offer durable and sturdy podiums, made of robust materials such as aluminum. By selecting a podium of greater stability from us, you will have not only a safer experience but also a podium that will last. Aesthetics As far as the aesthetics of the marching podiums are concerned, Band Choir Mart offers marching band podiums in different colors to suit your tastes and preferences. If you want to bring out a classic appearance, you can go with the black painted podiums. Apart from the classic experience, black also minimizes attention to the equipment and shifts the focus to the performers on the field. Alternatively, you can go with silver to add more emphasis to the equipment and drum major. Silver podiums require no additional touch up.

What are the three basic sizes of marching podiums offered at Band ChoirMart?     

While thesize of the podium will ultimately determine the marching podium one chooses,one should be aware of the three basic types of podiums offered at Band ChoirMart.

Large platform with side bars

Most high school bands use the large platform with sidebar podium as their front and center podium. It’s relatively easy to transport, thanks to the bolted/mounted wheel which allows rolling.

Medium platform with front ladder

This style is often used by drum corps and church choirs as a back or side podium. Just like the large platform with sidebars, this style is also easy to set up and separate. Additionally, it requires much less energy and effort during the relocation process.

Small platform with front ladder

This style can be employed both as a backfield or center podium. Although it does not provide a large platform compared to the latter, it offers the convenience of the second model and height of the first model. What’s more? It’s easy to setup and even easier to transport.

Why Choose Band Choir Mart for my Marching Podium needs?

Band ChoirMart prides itself on being the premier choir equipment retailer. We offer a variety of marching podiums at highly discounted prices (5% pre-pay discount for prepaid orders) and at unbeatable budget friendly prices. If you require any band/choir equipment, feel free to contact us today.

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