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Marching Band Field Equipment

A lot of preparation goes on before any high school halftime showcase. You need reliable marching band field equipment that is easy to set up and never disappoints. Our vast selection of marching band field equipment guarantees a well-done job. Right from our wide array of podiums to instrument stands and equipment carts we give the very best with value addition to your money. Our excellent price is tuned to fit any budget in mind. Feel free to select any equipment of your liking. We provide ample summary for each product selected with an also-like-list just in case you are looking to purchase extra.

Why should I buy Band Choir Mart marching band field equipment?
We offer you variety at its best. Our wide selection of marching band field equipment is unprecedented to none. We have amazing podium selections, extensions, ladders, equipment carts, drill markers and more.
Quality is our priority. Our marching band field equipment products are carefully selected from a long list of options. They are tested to ensure preceding quality and avoid being shortchanged.
We are affordable. High school band equipment is expensive, and after spending much on instruments, you need something that is close to the budget. If you find a lower price, we will price match.
5% pre-pay discount for larger orders. With a wide cart list, you get an amazing 5% to pre-pay discount on all items you buy.
Tailored to high school marching bands. Our focus is you! We tap into your every high school marching band experience only to offer you custom equipment for your liking. Our marching band field equipment though tuned for the high school audience can be used in different setups like churches.
We offer reliable shipping. We rely on the very best for our shipping needs. Regardless of where you live in the USA, we will ship your marching band field equipment via UPS, FedEx or United States Postal Services.
Extensive payment options: We accept a wide range of payment options such as America Express, Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, and Discover. 

How can I make inquiries on my marching band field equipment?
Our professional customer care team is readily available to attend to your entire needs. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions about products or your order.

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