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Ladies Vests for Concerts

it is concert time, and you’re ready, anxious and excited in the over-heated, packed auditorium.  You take a moment to silently appreciate the decision to buy vests that would serve the students well under this pressure and heat...  Anyone that is going to perform in front of a crowd wants to be comfortable – not too hot and certainly not constricted.  It is important to look professional and polished while being able to breathe and move with ease.  And you’ll want something that will last, something that is going to be useful for years of school concerts – at least four.  Our Ladies Concert Vests provide this attractive comfort that will certainly give you your money’s worth.  We have a variety of colors and patterns in ladies fullback vests; many that match in men’s fits, as well.  You’re sure to find exactly what you need for your band or choir right here at a great price!

Get a uniform look with economic comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance

Vests are a simple option that provide a uniform look for your musical ensemble.  Students will be able to pair them with pants (or skirts) and shirts for their comfort while the vests provide a consistent aesthetic.  As the musicians blend together with their uniform look, it almost seems as if the music they are creating is blending even more beautifully.  The audience can focus on the music, the purpose of the concert, rather than being distracted by clothing inconsistencies.  Another perk of vests:  no one has to worry about getting an outfit in the wrong shade, something cut inappropriately, or clothes that do not look refined and up to par with the image and skill level being portrayed.

Most of these fullback vests are lightweight and tailored for a comfortable fit that is flattering on everyone.  Many have useable pockets and are machine-washable, making them quite functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.   We provide simple, solid color options, a few low-key patterns for a bit of flare, and even some vests that are reversible for even greater versatility.  We offer a variety of cuts, lengths, and fabrics to suit your preferences.  Whether you are a small high school band or a large one, or maybe a school or church choir, we have a plethora of options to choose from that will be sure to fit your needs and your group’s personal style.

It may seem like all vests are the same, so why buy here?  Other than a large variety of ladies vests, we guarantee incredible price:  

  • If you find these cheaper elsewhere (which may be hard to do), we will match that price.
  • For those with large orders, we offer a 5% pre-pay discount.

You can have it all:  quality, comfort, uniformity, style, and function all at an incredible price!  And remember, if you need assistance we are always available and ready to help – just give us a call!

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