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Vests for Concerts

Vests are a stylish way to earn points for a high school band’s appearance and make a positive first impression. When deciding which vests to purchase for your school’s band, it's important to take into consideration the type of fabric, color coordination, whether they are machine washable, and if you want them to be full-back. Full-Back vests are a popular option due to their versatility to be worn with or without a tuxedo coat. 

What’s included in the price of a full-back vest?

Uniforms are one of a band’s biggest expenses and vests can vary widely in cost. Variables that affect these costs include whether the vests are made from common fabrics like polyester or poly gabardine, or were designed to shine with satin. Convenience is also a major factor as some vests come fully adjustable, while others may save on future costs by being machine-washable. Nothing completes a band's uniform quite like a full-back vest as they can be worn under an overcoat or can serve as the overcoats themselves since they cover both the front and back. Depending on which purpose the full-back vest will serve, they can come in solid color schemes to match most suits or can have a more complex pattern to make a statement on their own. Not all vests are created equal and neither are a band’s members. With this in mind, some variations have a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 5XL, while others offer the standard S to L.

There are many options to choose full-back vests online, however, offers one of the widest arrays of options and includes many bulk-buying incentives. In fact, larger orders are eligible for a 5% pre-pay discount. We also guarantee the lowest prices anywhere with our price-matching option. If you find a better deal, we will offer you the same. To assist you with these and other important details, we are just a phone call away. We look forward to helping you and your high school’s band look its finest!

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