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Tuxedo Pants and Shorts for Concerts

When your school's band is giving a performance, they need to look uniform and professional. Ensure every member looks his or her best by buying matching tuxedo pants for them all. When shopping for tuxedo pants for your band members, consider the various styles available before making a purchase. Our selection includes high-rise and low-rise waisted styles for both boys and girls. These pants feature plain or pleated front panels that each have a distinct look. We also carry short tuxedo pants, and white tuxedo pants as well. It is important to consider the look you want to convey, as well as the comfort of your band members as they wear these pants during performances. 

Should I buy Pleated or Plain Tuxedo Pants?

Ultimately, this decision comes down to preference. However, there are a couple of factors that might sway your decision. For instance, pleated front tuxedo pants are somewhat less formal than plain tuxedo pants. The pleats "blouse" out when sitting, which provides just a bit more room for comfort. Both girls and boys can wear pleats. 

Another point to think about is that plain tuxedo pants tend to make the wearer look slimmer than pleated pants do. If anyone is concerned with this sort of thing, tuxedo pants with plain fronts just have a more elegant appearance. 

Are Long or Short Tuxedo Pants Better?

Again, it comes down to preference, but you must also consider where your band will be playing. Some bands play strictly indoors, and some play outside. What time of year will your school's band be performing? Another consideration is, again, the look you want to convey to those in attendance. Long tuxedo pants are always more formal and professional looking than short ones are. Depending on the time of year and the venue, however, short tuxedo pants might just be the look you are going for. 

Finding Tuxedo Pants for your School's Band

When you are in the market for new tuxedo pants for your school's band, we have just what you are looking for. With several styles in stock to choose from, we offer you guaranteed low prices. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, we will match it. We go out of our way to make sure you find just what you are looking for at prices that can't be beat. Furthermore, we offer a 5% discount on large pre-pay orders. That is a huge savings when you are buying for the entire band. 

For more information, or to place an order, give us a call. We are here and ready to help. 

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