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Tuxedo Coats for Concerts

Whether you are preparing for a school concert or any other type of arts performance, it is always important to look both professional and polished while showcasing your talents. Oftentimes, retailers cannot provide appropriate apparel that can adhere to a school's dress code standards while still being stylish. We understand that in addition to looking fabulous, performers must also feel comfortable and confident in their performance outfits. We offer a variety of great items for students gearing up for the stage, including a large selection of high-quality tuxedo coats, suits and other formal attire at the most affordable value. We also provide custom made tuxedo coats and other special items for bands and choirs looking to find something that is uniquely theirs.

Why Choose Us for Your School Band?

There are several things to keep in consideration when making a buying decision. If you plan on purchasing items in bulk, the process can often be confusing and frustrating with when it comes to having the correct fits, the best timing, reasonable prices and more. We are one of Iowa's leading costuming retailers and we excel in all of these areas. We have been providing excellent service for school bands throughout the United States for the past 25 years and promise professional assistance for those looking to spice up their school arts group with top notch and quality tuxedo coat styles.

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices - We pride ourselves in being able to offer high quality performance wear for the lowest prices in the industry. Discounts are already included in our prices to ensure that you leave a happy and satisfied customer. We are very serious in guaranteeing that our clients receive only the best prices, so even if you find the same item at a price that is lower than ours at another retailer, we will match it.
  • More Savings If You Pre-pay - We support school bands and performance organizations, which is why we offer a 5% pre-pay discount for those who want to order in bulk. If you are anticipating a larger order, be sure to maximize your benefits and discounts by paying beforehand. All pre-orders must be paid in advance with a school or organization check, money order, or cashier's check.
  • Helpful and Reliable Service - We are just a phone call away and have courteous and experienced professionals available to assist with your tux order. If you have questions about the appropriate sizing, we can even provide sample items (must be returned within 30 days). Our regular hours are from 8am to 5pm, but during busy seasons, we often extend our hours from 7am to 7pm to accommodate everyone's needs.

If you have any questions about placing your order, obtaining product information, shipping rates, information about the status of your order, delivery schedules, or if you need to make any changes, contact us today.

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