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Tailcoats, Dinner Jackets and Etons for Concerts

Take your performance to the highest class with a formal wear dinner jacket or tailcoat. Our collection of tailored jackets for men and women are available in many colors and fabrics sure to impress your audience.

What’s the difference between a blazer, dinner jacket, tailcoat, and tuxedo coat?

The biggest difference between the jackets is the level of formality. Blazers and dinner jackets are typically more professional, often used for choir and musical show performances. Tailcoats and tuxedo jackets are much more formal. These coats are found in orchestras and operas settings. To help deicide which jacket is right for, you want to consider the type of performance, and the performance location.

Selecting the right style

Once you decide on the type of jacket you want for your performance, you want to consider the decorative options for your selection. Each jacket has a different design element to think about like the color, fabric, and button detail. To help you decide which jacket works best, think about the style of the pants, skirt, shirt and accessories you wan to pair the jacket with.

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