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Formal Shirts for Concerts

Achieve the look of prestige on stage when your performers wear one of our stylish dress shirts. Our dress shirts can be worn with our dress pants and skirts, or can also pair nicely under one of our blazers, dinner jackets, or tuxedo coats.

What dress shirt is right for me?

While the style shirt you decide to order largely depends on preference, there are some choices to think about. First, you want to consider the other pieces in the outfit. If you are pairing the shirt with dress pants or a dress skirt consider the fabric and pleated vs. plain front look. If you are looking to order a jacket to wear over the shirt you should think about the sleeve length of the shirt.

For more of a style preference, you can select the color and collar style that fits your needs. Our shirts are available in an assortment colors as well as black and white. We offer a variety of different types of collars like lay-down, wing, and banded, and neckline options include open neck, v-neck, fly front, and more. Another element to consider is if you want a plain front or ½”, ¼”, or 1/8” pleated front.

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