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Palazzo and Dress Pants for Concerts

For a crisp and clean look on stage, complete your costume with a pair of our dress pants. Dress pants are offered in both plain front and pleated depending on your style preference. You are sure to find a comfortable fit for your performers with our selection of low rise and comfort waist options.

What are Palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants are a style of dress pants often worn for a performance with dancing, or more movement. If you’re looking for a lighter more flexible option, the palazzo style or bootleg is recommended. The palazzo style pants are made from more of a stretchy fabric. Instead of a traditional button waist, these dress pants have an elastic waistband.

Things to consider

While all of our dress pants look fabulous on stage, there are a few things you should consider before placing your order. Depending on performance, you may want a plain front, or you may want the pleated design. You should also think about the leg style. We have dress pants with a straight leg, a bootleg, and a slightly flared leg. Some of our pants have front pockets, no pockets, or front and back pockets. We also offer low rise, regular waist, and expandable comfort waist options.

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