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Blazers and Dress Jackets for Concerts

Blazers Performers are sure to steal the show with the sleek look of a blazer. Our men and women’s formal blazers are comfortable and easy to move in. Our single breasted, and two-button blazers are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

What should I wear with a blazer?

All of our blazers pair nicely with our selection of blouses and shirts and can be worn with dress pants, pleated pants, or skirts. For a more formal look, add that extra touch of with one of our bow ties found in the formal concert wear accessories.

What’s the difference between a blazer and suit jacket?

Blazers and suit jackets are very similar in appearance. The major difference between the two is the weight of the jacket and the ornate details. Our blazers are made from light polyester fabric, and different button décor options are available. Our suit jackets are made from a combination of polyester and worsted wool, making the formal suit jackets a little heavier than the blazer. Both the blazers and suit jackets are fully lined, with inside pockets.

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